Make your child’s playground safer with approved mulch, expressly designed for use in play yards.

Daycare centers, church playgrounds, community recreation centers and others open to the public are required by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental control to “Provide a cushioning material (sand, wood chips, etc.) in areas around playground equipment to help soften falls.” And The Children’s Trust of South Carolina advises to improve the safety of children, “Use playgrounds that have loose-fill surfacing materials such as shredded rubber, hardwood fiber mulch or chips and fine sand.” 

Did you know that it is recommended that playgrounds have at least 12 inches deep and extend beyond the area around the play equipment more than six feet?

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What depth of mulch should be applied on playgrounds?

The recommended application rate depends on equipment height and type of surfacing material used. See the chart below from the Consumer Products Safety Commission for Public Playground Safety for recommended depth of surfacing materials:

What are the advantages of using Bulk Soft-Landing Chips (Playground Chips) for use on playgrounds?

The Bulk Soft-Landing Chips creates a cushiony surface, reducing risk or potential injury. The chips are environmentally friendly and meets or exceeds federal safety requirements of the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission including American with Disabilities Act requirements of handicap accessibility.

What types of materials are approved for use on public playgrounds such as those found at schools, daycares, churches, or parks?

SCDHEC follows the guidelines of the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Loose materials that can be used as playground surfaces include wood chips, wood mulch, sand, recycled rubber mulch and pea gravel. However, the most widely used product used in the Lowcountry are “engineered wood chips” we call Bulk Soft Landing Chips that have been certified by IPEMA for use on public playgrounds (ASTM-F-1292).

How does pricing work for the labor cost of the mulch blowing service?

The labor portion of the mulch blowing service depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, accessibility, quantity, and distance. Volume discounts apply for larger jobs. Estimates are free – call us at 843.559.5829 or email us at for a quote.

How does the installation process work for fenced areas, backyards and hard-to-reach areas?

Our bark blowing trucks can spray the mulch using a hose system to distances up to150 feet. These hoses are easily maneuvered over fences, in backyards, and can reach most inaccessible locations.  This type of installation is fast, cost effective, and requires minimal interruption.