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Driveways are our specialty.

Let our expert team save you time rental fees. Leave the work to us — let us install your rock or gravel driveway.

“All Seasons graded, dirt packed and put rock on my dirt driveway in one day. Gregg Tucker was wonderful on machinery and we are delighted with All Seasons work.”   Mary Edna Fraser

Bahama Limestone Driveway

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Call us for an estimate today – all we need is the length and width of your driveway, your gravel selection and we can provide you with an estimate.

Have questions about driveway installation? Read our FAQs.

Do I need to add an underlayment for a pathway, driveway or parking pad?

Not always. The most important factor in creating a pathway, driveway or parking pad is making sure to create the appropriate slopes so that there water moves away from your home and runoff has a place to drain. You can use underlayment materials such a ROC/FLBC (otherwise known as Crush and Run) or Granite Sand to create a hard base so that it protects your rock from disappearing into the dirt below.

How do I calculate the labor costs for my project?

Bring in your drawing and/or pictures of the area along with complete measurements for more accurate estimates.

What type of edging products can be used to contain a gravel driveway?

There are a wide variety of edging that can be used in creating pathways, driveways and parking pads. Our recommendation is to call us to discuss your options based on what your use and what is adjacent to your project. A few of the options include metal edging, pavers, bricks and railroad timbers, just to name a few.

How do I calculate how much gravel I will need for my project?

Calculating gravel is basically the same as calculating mulch but can be somewhat confusing because gravel and rock is sold by the ton from our suppliers. Because each rock has a different density, each ton of rock can be converted to yardage using its density calculation. We recommend that you come by or call the office (843.559.5829) and give us the area and type of rock so we can help determine the amount of rock or gravel you need for your project. While we would love to do onsite estimates, it is not always possible during our busy season. Again, it helps to bring in a drawing and/or pictures of the area along with complete measurements for more accurate estimates.

What types of gravels are used for commercial applications?

The most popular gravels and rocks that we sell for commercial applications are Crushed Granite, Plantation Mix or Slag (made from recycled metal materials).

What types of gravels is recommended for pathway or driveway applications?

The choice of rock/gravel pathways, driveways and parking pads is dependent on aesthetics, use and budget. Realize that different gravels have different textures so it is best to come out and see the samples, test the feel of the rock and see the color (the internet color is often times misleading). It helps to bring in a drawing of your area with complete measurements for more accurate estimates.