Delivery Service Vehicles

We have heavily invested in our delivery service options. Our mission is to get your material exactly where you want and need it. From mulch blowers to varying sizes of dump trucks, we have all the equipment necessary to get the job done!

A flatbed truck is used to carry palletized materials such as sod and stone. Attached to the back of the truck is a forklift to maneuver the product to the site efficiently.

Maximum Capacity
  • 8 Pallets of Sod
  • 6 Pallets of Stone

Tri-axle Dump Truck

The tri-axle dump truck is our biggest truck, weighing about 70,000 lbs. This truck is used for hauling large quantities of materials for new construction, driveway installs, and large landscape projects. The tri-axle truck cannot access any concrete surface, sodded area, or soft earth surfaces. Please call our office at 843.559.5829 for pricing and availability.

Maximum Material Capacity for the Tri-axle

Rock, Gravel, and Sand

Approximately 20 tons

Topsoil, Fill, and Sandshell

16 yards

Medium Dump Truck

The GVW for the trucks ranges from 20,000 to 26,000 pounds. Our medium dump truck is used to haul most of our bulk landscape materials to your home or job site.

Maximum Carrying Capacity for Our Medium Dump Truck

Wheat Straw

100 bales


20 yards


10 yards

Pine Straw

100 round bales or 200 rectangle bales

Small Dump Cab Over Dump Truck

Our smallest dump truck is a cab over to allow us to maneuver tight spaces. The GVW for the trucks ranges from 17,000 to 20,000 pounds.

Maximum Carrying Capacity
  • Mulch - 15 yards
  • Rock - 5 yards
  • Pine Straw - 75 round bales or 150 bales rectangle bales
  • Wheat Straw - 50 bales

Delivery FAQs

The majority of our deliveries are dropped on the driveway. Since our trucks are very heavy, we have to weigh all considerations, including: The height of the truck – Our trucks lift upward and usually require a minimum 15-18 foot clearance overhead. The weight of the truck – Our trucks are extremely heavy, especially when fully loaded, and can range anywhere from 15,000 to 26,000 pounds. The width of our truck – Most of our trucks require a minimum of 12 feet for clearance on gates, fences, and any other adjacent structures.
We do our best to accommodate your requests. There are limitations on where we can go. Things like trees overhead, electrical, phone or cable wires, ground firmness, gate widths, and structures must all be considered when deciding on the best drop spot for your protection and ours.
It is always preferable for you to be on-site upon our arrival. We need your signature to grant us rights to access your property. Also, we want to ensure that we put the materials where you would like. If the delivery location is on a hard surface such as a driveway and you are comfortable with us dropping on the driveway, verbal approval is often enough if the spot is marked.
Our trucks are made for heavy lifting, especially when fully loaded. Even our smaller delivery vehicles are designed to make it through the soft, sandy soils of the Lowcountry. Regardless, we recommend dropping materials on a hard surface to prevent getting our trucks stuck. Our policy is to always do our best to accommodate your desired drop spot. So if you want us to drop somewhere other than a hard surface such as a driveway, we ask that you be present to sign the waiver. That waiver releases us from any damage that our vehicles may cause and that you accept financial responsibility if we need to tow our vehicles while accommodating difficult drop spots.
Sometimes. You cannot separate bulk materials on the same truck. However, if you are okay with the materials mixing when they are dumped on-site, then mixing and matching is okay. We always do our best to accommodate your needs; unfortunately, that is not always possible. We recommend you use our Super Sack option to mix and match materials on the same truck. Call us to discuss the most appropriate options for mix and match deliveries.
We will always try to accommodate your needs using the guide of practicality for both ourselves and our customers. We created our Super Sack option so that you can buy only what you need. If you have a question about minimum purchasing, simply give us a call!
Unfortunately, yes, we do have to charge if you refuse delivery. That is why we recommend that you come and view the materials yourself before ordering.
Yes, there is always a delivery fee when you use our delivery service. The fee pays for the convenience of using our truck and the costs associated with running our vehicles, including manpower.
Yes, there is a minimum materials cost requirement per order for our standard shipping rate for your delivery location.