Learn more about our delivery service vehicles – see FAQ’s below.

Flatbed Truck

Flatbed Sod Truck

A flat bed truck is used to carry palleted materials such as sod and stone. Attached to the back of the truck is a fork lift to maneuver product to the site efficiently.

Maximum Capacity

  • 6 Pallets of Sod
  • 6 Pallets of Stone

Large Dump Truck

Tri-axle Dump Truck

The tri-axle dump truck is our biggest truck weighing about 70,000 lbs. This truck is used for hauling large quantities of materials for new construction, driveway installs and large landscape projects. The tri-axle truck cannot access any concrete surface, sodded area or soft earth surfaces. Please call the office 843.559.5829 for Pricing and Availability. Maximum Material Capacity:

  • Rock, Gravel and Sand - Approximately 20 tons
  • Topsoil, Fill and Sandshell - 18 yards

Medium Dump Truck

Medium Dump Truck

Our Medium dump truck is used to haul most of our bulk landscape materials to your home or job site. The GVW for these trucks range from 20,000 to 26,000 pounds. Maximum Carrying Capacity:

  • Mulch - 20 yards
  • Rock - 8 yards
  • Pine Straw - 200 bales
  • Wheat Straw - 100 bales

Cab-over dump truck

Small Dump Cab Over

Our smallest dump truck is a cab over to allow us to maneuver tight spaces. The GVW for these trucks range from 17,000 to 20,000 pounds. Maximum Carrying Capacity:

  • Mulch - 15 yards
  • Rock - 5 yards
  • Pine Straw - 150 bales
  • Wheat Straw - 50 bales

Mulch Spreading Truck

Mulch Bark Blower

Our Bark Blowing Spreader Trucks comes equipped with a Finn Blower that allows us to blow mulch into your landscape beds saving you time and backache.  Call us for pricing 843.559.5928. Minimum Install is 5 yards.

Read our Delivery FAQs


Delivery FAQs

What if you get stuck where I have asked for materials to be dropped?

Our delivery trucks are heavy (especially when fully loaded). Even our smaller trucks can easily get stuck in soft, sandy soils of the Low Country. Our policy remains that we will do our best to accommodate your drop spot. However, this is the reason we ask you to be present to sign our waiver releasing us from any damage our truck may cause and accept financial responsibility for any towing charges associated with trying to accommodate your drop location.

What if I need the materials in my back yard or somewhere other than the driveway?

We do our very best to accommodate your requests. However, there are limitations to where you can place materials. Trees overhead, electrical, phone or cable wires, ground firmness, gate widths or structures must be taken into consideration when deciding where we can dump materials.

Where do you drop the product?

The majority of our deliveries are usually dropped on the driveway. Our trucks are very heavy and there are many factors that are taken into consideration when delivering materials.

Height of the Truck – our trucks lift upward and usually require 15-18 feet of clearance overhead.

Weight of the Truck – our trucks are heavy (especially when loaded to capacity) and range from 15,000 to 26,000 lbs.

Width of the Truck – most of our trucks require at least 12 ft width for clearance of any gates, fences, etc.

Do I need to be onsite for delivery?

It is beneficial for you and for our drivers if you are onsite to accept your delivery. First, we need a signature to give us rights to access your property. Second, it helps us to put the product in the exact location that you request. However, if the delivery location is on a hard surface such as a driveway, you can give us a verbal approval to access the driveway.

Can I mix and match materials in one load?

Sometimes. There is no way to separate bulk materials on the same truck so as long as you are ok with materials mixing when they are dumped onsite. We try our best to accommodate your needs but it is not always possible. For example, sod is delivered on a flat bed truck and bulk materials are delivered on a dump truck. Therefore bulk materials such as gravels, soils or straw cannot be delivered on the same load as a sod delivery. However, orders that include both pine straw and soil can be delivered together. Again, call us to determine your needs and we will do our best to help!

If I don’t need the minimum quantity listed on your online ordering system, will you still deliver the material I need?

The answer is yes “most” of the time. We do our best to accommodate your needs that make practical sense for both of us.

Will I be charged a delivery fee if I refuse the delivery?


Is there a delivery fee associated with the delivery service?

There is always a delivery fee if you opt to use our delivery service. The delivery fee pays for the convenience of using our truck and the costs associated with running our trucks.

If I want you to deliver my materials, is there a minimum amount you will deliver?

To utilize our delivery service option, there is a minimum quantity required per order to receive our standard shipping rate for your delivery location.

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