A Quick Calculator to Determine: How Much Do I Need?

Use the quick area or volume calculator below to help determine how much product is required for your application. Please note that this calculator only performs single volume or area calculations.

If you are planning to purchase products via our website, please note, each product has an integrated calculator specific to that product. At the time of purchase, the product specific calculator will precisely calculate the quantity you need at the recommended application depth or area.

Do you need to calculate volume (mulch, soil, gravel, etc.) or area (sod)?



Enter the height and width of the rectangular area in feet and the depth in inches.


Enter the diameter of the circle in feet and the depth in inches.


Enter the base and the perpendicular height (see diagrams) of the triangular area in feet and the depth in inches.

Triangle Diagram 1 Triangle Diagram 2 Triangle Diagram 3

Square Feet

If you already know your area in square feet, just enter it and the depth in inches.