Bark Blowing Services

Bark blowing without the backache! Save time and labor costs – let us use our state-of-the-art bark blowing technology to install your mulch! Our trained team provides a fast and efficient installation, leaving you plenty of time to sit back and enjoy your landscape. Whether it’s 5 yards (our minimum) or 500 yards, we have you covered (literally)!

Have questions about Bark blowing / installation? Read our FAQs

What are the benefits of using mulch?

Mulch helps to retain moisture, retard weed germination and growth and Insulates the soil from high heat in the summer months and colder temperatures in the winter months. Most organic mulches add nutrients to the soil. Mulch also helps to reduce erosion as well as add beauty to your landscape by providing a cover of uniform color and interesting texture to the surface. Mulch is extremely important for establishing plantings.

What is the recommended depth of installing mulch?

According to Clemson Extension Agency, “the amount of mulch to apply depends on the texture and density of the mulch material. Many wood and bark mulches are composed of fine particles and should not be more than 2 to 3 inches deep. Excessive amounts of these fine-textured mulches can suffocate plant roots, resulting in yellowing of the leaves and poor growth.

Coarse-textured mulches such as pine bark nuggets allow good air movement through them and can be as deep as 4 inches.

Mulches composed of grass clippings or shredded leaves should never be deeper than 2 inches, because these materials tend to mat together, restricting the water and air supply to plant roots.”

Do I need to remove the existing mulch in my flowerbeds?

No, you do not have to remove the old mulch as long as you don’t exceed the recommended depth of mulch for your trees and shrubs. In fact, your old mulch will continue to breakdown and add organic matter to your soil. However, it should be noted that if you have pine straw as your mulch and you are interested in replacing it with bark mulch, you might want to remove it to avoid seeing the pine straw through the mulch and utilizing more bark mulch than is needed.

Which mulches can I choose from?

We can install all our mulches using our Bark Blowing Service. See below:

Premium Mulches are our Natural that have No Added Color Enhancement: Pine Mulch, Pine Mini Nuggets, Cypress Mulch, Cypress Chips and Playgrounds

Decorative Mulches are our Color* Enhanced Mulches: Brown, Black, Red and Brown Cypress

*Please note: Color Enhanced Mulches can/will fade and stain. All Seasons is not responsible for any stains caused by the use of Decorative Color Enhanced Mulches

What are the advantages of using the Bark Blowing Service?

The Bark Blower Truck is specifically designed for quick and efficient installations. Due to the ability to add hoses to the truck, it is easy to access behind homes, buildings, over fences, inside courtyards, inside playgrounds and more. Our team is trained to install a protective blanket of mulch that is consistent in depth that reduces waste of material and provides an aesthetically pleasing landscape as well.

What happens if I don’t order enough mulch?

It is important to calculate the area you are interested in mulching to avoid additional delivery fees. Due to the 5 cubic yard minimum, we recommend you order 1-2 extra yards if the truck will hold the additional mulch just in case it is needed.

What happens if I don’t need all the mulch that I ordered?

You will only be charged for the amount of mulch blown (but you will be charged the 5 yard minimum regardless of amount blown).

What is the minimum amount of mulch installed?

Due to the manpower and truck costs, we have a 5 cubic yard minimum to blow bark into your beds or playgrounds.

How do I calculate the labor costs of installing mulch?

Our labor costs are calculated based on volume of mulch installed. You can call us at the office to get a quote or use the “Get A Quote” link and we will send you an estimate via email.

How do I calculate how much mulch I need?

Calculating mulch is easy. Basically, 1 cubic yard of mulch covers about 100 sq ft at 3” deep (27 cubic feet in a cubic yard). To get a better idea of how much you need, you can use our online calculator. Or you can simply estimate the square footage of each flowerbed in your garden. Add up the square footage of each bed. Multiply the total square footage by your depth in inches (we recommend 3” shrub and flower gardens). Divide the figure you get by 324 inches – this converts your measurement to cubic yards.

Example: An area that is 15’ X 20’ = 200 sq ft. Multiply 200’ X 3” depth (recommended depth) = 900 sq ft. Divide 900’ by 324” (inches in a cubic yard) = 2.78 cubic yards (so you would need 3 yards of mulch)

For circular or odd shaped beds, use the online calculator on our products page.

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