Milorganite 5-4-0 (36 lb)

Slow release Organic Nitrogen feeds the Soil. Milorganite is composed of 85% organic material, which promotes beneficial microbial activity and a healthy soil and, in turn, improves the soil’s ability to grow a better lawn and better plants. Milorganite works by slowly releasing organic-nitrogen into your lawn as it grows. Each application feeds for up to 10 weeks. You fertilize less while your grass gets all the nutrients it needs.

Iron for Vibrant Greening – Milorganite’s iron enhances the color of your lawn throughout the feeding period. And it won’t stain your driveway or walkways!

Doesn’t Burn -Milorganite’s salt-free formula won’t burn your lawn, so you’ll never have to worry about streaking or burn spots.

Milorganite is Safe for children and pets. Coverage: 2500 sq ft of lawn. Fertilize 4 times per year.