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How thick (deep) do you want to fill? (Inches)
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Enter the height and width of the rectangular area in feet and the depth in inches.


Enter the diameter of the circle in feet and the depth in inches.


Enter the base and the perpendicular height (see diagrams) of the triangular area in feet and the depth in inches.

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Garden Soil Plus Tree & Shrub

Garden Soil Plus Tree & Shrub is an organic planting medium of Screen Topsoil (46%), Nursery Fines 5/8” (23%), Cow Manure Blend with Ash, Mushroom Compost (23%) , and Screened Turkey Litter (8%).Garden Soil Plus Tree & Shrub provides a humus-rich soil that plants love; you can use this medium to plant trees and shrubs directly in this soil without tilling!  Recipe Analysis: pH = 6.72 and EC = 2.24.

Uses:  Great as a Tree & Shrub blend!  Garden Soil Plus is used in the nursery industry to pot plants and grow flowers.

$48.00 Per Cubic Yard


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