Frequently Asked Questions About Mulch and Sod

Download and print a copy of MULCH FAQs PDF.

Why Mulch?

Mulch retains moisture, retards weed germination and growth, and insulates the soil (from high heat in the summer months and colder temperatures in the winter months). Mulch applied around plant materials help to modify the soil environment and enhance plant growth. Some organic mulches add nutrients back to the soil as it breaks down. Mulch also helps to reduce erosion as well as adding beauty to your landscape by providing a cover of uniform color and interesting texture to the surface. Mulch is extremely important for establishing plantings. If you have more questions about mulch, contact us.

What are the Minimum Quantities for Delivery?

There are minimums for each product. However, we are glad to work with you to make a delivery possible to meet your needs. Shop for the mulch, topsoil, aggregate, straw or sod you want to purchase. At checkout if you wish to order less than the minimum or have specific needs, complete the estimate form which is linked from the ordering page and we will be glad to accommodate your order.

How Deep to Apply Mulch?

Too much mulch is not always better! Ground wood and bark mulches should be applied no more than 3 inches thick (which is probably about 2 inches after settling). Pine straw and bark nuggets which allow good air movement through them can go as deep as 4 inches. When shopping online, our online calculator helps you determine how much mulch you need. If you just need a quick calculation, use our quick calculator. Try it out.

What is a Cubic Yard?

A cubic yard is 27 cubic feet (3 foot wide, by 3 foot long, by 3 foot deep). A cubic yard of
mulch covers a 10′ by 10′ area at 3 inches deep.

Do You Install Mulch?

Yes, we will install all of our landscape products. We are licensed landscape contractors (insurance certificates available on request). Shop online to select your mulch, and request installation. Contact us if you prefer to talk with us and order by phone.

How to Figure How Much Mulch I Need?

Need to quickly figure how much you need? Our quick calculator will do the figuring for you. If you prefer, you can do the math. First, determine the square foot measurement of your area(s) to be mulched (even if your bed is round, just simply square it for obtaining approximate square feet). Multiply length by width in feet. Decide how deep you are going to apply your mulch (this figure should be in inches). Multiply your total square feet by the depth in inches. Then divide the answer you get by 324 (inches in a cubic yard) and this will give you cubic “yards”. Bulk mulch is sold in cubic yards and bagged mulch is sold in cubic feet. It takes 27 cubic feet to equal 1 cubic yard. Most bagged mulches come in 2 cubic foot bags. So it would take 13.5 bags of cubic mulch to equal 1 cubic yard of bulk mulch! When shopping online, our calculator figures all this for you and adds your required quantities to your order for the product.

Can I Pick Up my Landscape Materials or Will You Deliver?

You can pick up any of our landscape materials in a truck at our landscape supplies store or we can deliver in one of our trucks. We have 2 size trucks. The small trucks (F650) can hold approximately 20 yards of mulch materials but only 8 yards of soil or rock materials (due to the weight of those materials). Landscape materials like topsoil and fill dirt weigh about 2000 pounds per yard. Most pick up trucks hold 1-2 yards of mulch but only 1/2 to 1 ton of based on the carrying weight of the vehicle. If we deliver, we charge a flat rate per truck based on where the product is being delivered. Call our office for delivery charge quotes. Read our delivery policies.


All Pallets of Sod are ORDER ONLY so you can rest assured you will receive the freshest cut sod in the Lowcountry. Order sod online.


  • All Orders are cut to order!
  • Deliveries are made on Wednesday and Fridays (other days by special appointments only).

Pallet Pick Up

  • All orders of sod will be delivered to us on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It is available for pick up after delivery confirmation has been received. Call 559-5829.
  • Normally only 1 pallet will fit in a regular pick up truck (pallets can weigh up to 2500 lbs.)

Sod by the Piece

  • Sod by the piece is available daily, Monday thru Saturday but it is best to call ahead for availability 559-5829.
  • Sod by the piece is only available in Centipede, Empire Zoysia and Palmetto St Augustine.

Important Information

  • We sell Healthy, Vibrant Sod. All Seasons Does Not Warranty Sod.
  • Turf growers recommend an INSECTICIDE and a SYSTEMIC FUNGICIDE be applied IMMEDIATELY to all Sod upon Installation.
  • Do Not Apply Fertilizers or Pre-emergents in the first six months of installation.